It's Time to Rediscover Real Estate 

The time is ticking for you to refuel your passion for helping others. Time to move away from shifting commission splits and stifling growth environments. Time to give yourself a raise. Time for freedom to run your business your way. And time for a welcoming company culture that embraces uniqueness and a sense of belonging.​


The Gallery has so much to offer and we are glad you are here. This is a great place to get a feel for what we are all about and we think you will be surprised by the leadership and full support that agents enjoy here. When you are ready to learn more, please contact us. All communication is confidential, always.

  • Your listings, your leads (no referral fees)

  • Customize your own listing agreements

  • Customize your own listing presentation

  • If you desire, form a team

  • We will help you develop a business plan to achieve your goals, so aim high! 

You are working for you, your family and personal goals.  We provide support where you need it.

  • $2500 transaction fee per side

  • 65%/35% rental split

  • No other miscellaneous or hidden fees

  • MLS/annual dues apply

You work hard for your commissions. You should keep them too.
  • Ongoing 1:1 coaching

  • Technological support

  • Access to industry events

  • In-house marketing and brand-building support 

  • Resident economic data expert 

  • Free marketing and business development training classes 

Free 1:1 coaching, internal marketing department, and practical classes. For starters.
  • No floor time

  • No wasteful meetings

  • Professional, diverse colleague base

  • Cohesive team atmosphere 

  • Contemporary office space 

  • Agents have access to all offices at their convenience

No desk time or wasteful meetings. Contemporary office spaces, and a culture of professionalism.


Take Your Real Estate Career To The Next Level

Making a transition to a new brokerage is much easier than you think! We have created a system to make it comfortable and smart. 


We welcome the opportunity to learn more about you, and share how The Gallery can help you grow your business. 


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Jeff Kniffin: 754-200-1465

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